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Ever walk into a crowded room with people you didn’t know?  Feels very uncomfortable with thoughts of how will I ever get to know anybody here or I just don’t fit in here.  The more people there are the more uncomfortable that feeling gets.  Some people just adapt and seek out the larger crowds and some people never get comfortable with crowds.  The larger the crowd size the longer it takes to grow acclimated to the various stimuli that crowd generates. It almost feels unsafe to be in this situation.  


Growing older does not change those feelings of being lost in the crowd and can be even more isolating to the senior.  Many seniors will be perfectly comfortable with a smaller housing environments and will acclimate much quicker than in larger, more populated environments.  It all has to do with our safety and how the environment makes us feel.  We all want to feel safe and comfortable so it is important to take the time and understand what we want and need for our living arrangements.  

Being old does not lessen the anxiety of a new living arrangement, it only adds to it.  Let us help identify the safest senior care options for you or your loved ones.  We want them to be safe and comfortable.   

Keeping Safe In The Home Before The Move

Home Delivered Meals

When you can’t be there, have nutritious meals delivered to your loved one’s home every week.

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Home Safety Evaluation

We know that you want

your loved one’s home to

be a safe place. Take our  home safety evaluation.

Medication Reminders

Have your loved one receive a live call from us to remind them to take their medications

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By Kim Huval