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I’ve been working with CarePatrol of Greater Houston for almost a year. What I’ve learned is that CarePatrol has the expertise needed to assist families during one of the most difficult times in their lives. Making decisions for next-step living arrangements for a loved one is never easy; especially if our loved one does not want to make a move.

My husband and I had the simple task of finding a plumber recently. We asked around. We talked to friends. We did a “Google” search, but the truth is we had no clue which plumber was best. We didn’t know cost or skill level until we made several phone calls and took lots of note. We laughed and asked, “Is there anything in life that allows you to make one phone call with a guarantee that the person on the other end of the line knows what they’re doing?”

Yes. There is, and it’s called, “CarePatrol.”

When it comes to making life-changing decisions for the aging, no one knows more or does it better than CarePatrol. One phone call – that’s all it takes. You call us and we take it from there. We know the cost. We know the skill level. We know which choices are best. We know who accepts your insurance and we know how to tap into Veteran’s benefits, if applicable.

You can spend time asking around. You can talk to your friends. You can do many, many “Google” searches, but the truth is – you have no clue where and what is best for your family member. We not only have the clues. We have your answers. Call us today at (281) 766-7745.

Keeping Safe In The Home Before The Move

Home Delivered Meals

When you can’t be there, have nutritious meals delivered to your loved one’s home every week.

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Home Safety Evaluation

We know that you want

your loved one’s home to

be a safe place. Take our  home safety evaluation.

Medication Reminders

Have your loved one receive a live call from us to remind them to take their medications

keeping mom safe MyMedCheck.com

By Roni Archer