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So What Is Safe?

Each of us knows what is unsafe and most can agree when we see it.  Merriam-Webster defines safe as “free from harm or risk” and “secure from threat of danger, harm, or loss.”  Most seniors would agree that safety is a frequent thought on their minds.  It is difficult to accept that our bodies and minds can no longer do what we have asked them to do all our lives and we have grown so comfortable with the danger that we cannot even see it.  Sound like the old adage that we cannot see the trees for the forest?  In the safety arena it is referred to as risk acceptance.  It is difficult to intervene with someone’s behavior when they don’t see their behavior as an issue.  

So how does this relate to seniors?  They have grown comfortable with unsteady movements and accepting of the risk.  It is unfortunate that in many cases it takes a fall for the senior to acknowledge the risk they pose to themselves.  There were many opportunities to intervene before the fall but we are not comfortable asking the senior if they feel safe or it is difficult and uncomfortable for us to share with  them we are concerned for their safety and want to help.  

At CarePatrol our mission statement is “We exist to provide the safest care options for seniors across America.”  We have a mission to have the Carefrontational conversations with seniors and their families.  Just imagine the consequences if we don’t!     


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By Tony Huval