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 The freedom to choose is a basic right in the United States and many other free nations of the world. All too often we do not recognize all the options available to us when faced with a decision. Time alters some of those options or renders them unattractive at that moment. Not being educated or familiar with all the options is another limit to good decision making. There are some choices we are not qualified to make and many of those choices we may not even know exist. Finding a senior care option from all the myriad of choices can be daunting if you pick from the online choices and some can significantly limit your ability to exercise your freedom of choice. You most likely would not buy a house from a random list on the internet so why would you rely on a list from someone who may not ever have visited the community? Becoming educated on all the choices can take a significant amount of time, time which you may not have. At CarePatrol, we have taken the time to become educated on the choices for you and we present those to you after talking with you and actively listening to understand your needs, wants, and capabilities. You see, we want to help you by making the difficult decisions easier by listening to you and hearing what you want and need when it comes to senior care and housing. We are regularly in the communities and understand their capabilities and care abilities. We know a good fit when we hear you describe the care needs of your senior and want to help guide you through the options when we hear you discuss senior care and housing. Above all, we want to provide choices so that you are free to make the decision. We want you to know that it is the right decision and at the right time. Don't limit your choices by clicking on the internet and instead trust in someone who has invested their time and efforts to help you exercise your freedom of choice.  

   Imagine for a moment you find yourself needing a safe place for yourself or a senior. You go to the internet and search, the click. What are the things you don't know about this search? Did you know that if you click on some of the sites you found that they now "own" you, for life. Did you also know they will send your contact information to every place within 50 miles. So what does this mean to you? It is equivalent to looking to buy a house and clicking on a site who then sends your contact information to every seller within 50 miles who then will call and email you about their property. When does this end? It doesn't ever end since they own you for life. Would you rather have the choice to select the one realtor that will help guide you, provide you options based on your wishes, needs, and desires. It seems obvious that the choice is yours and you may select whichever option best suits you. I know which I would select. Let us help you as the search can be emotionally draining and we are in your corner to listen and help provide the safest care options for you or your loved ones.  

   Don't limit your choices, exercise your right to decide what is best for you and your loved ones by utilizing a caring professional who is educated on the care providers and actively listens to you.

Keeping Safe In The Home Before The Move

Home Delivered Meals

When you can’t be there, have nutritious meals delivered to your loved one’s home every week.

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Home Safety Evaluation

We know that you want

your loved one’s home to

be a safe place. Take our  home safety evaluation.

Medication Reminders

Have your loved one receive a live call from us to remind them to take their medications

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By I.A. (Tony) Huval, CSP, CSA